Art of Studying Well

  • Teacher: Krishan Chahal
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Introduction Of The Course
Environment For Study


  The current online course termed as “Art of Studying Well” has been created by the memory expert and trainer, Mr Krishan Chahal with the purpose of solving the learning related issues which are growing rampant among the studying population, especially who are pursuing higher education or preparing high-end competitive exams. Time restraints are also another thing which makes things worse.

  So, this is necessary for a student to plan their study well in advance and execute it with dedication and in an effective way, only then they can succeed in pursuing a promising and successful career. Maintaining a good level of attention is equally important while studying. But, most of the students and learners fail to manage their study well and eventually tend to live in uncertainty and experience a great deal of mental and emotional drawbacks.

  But don't worry. If you wish to stay in the battle with your competitors, we have you covered. We have worked hard to arm you with the right tools like this online course named “Art of Studying Well”. This course is the only one of its kind, which will certainly pave the way for you to explore your potential and utilize them to their fullest.

  This online course is created in an effective and impactful way and is divided into easy-to-execute sessions. One of the sessions of the course “Environment for Study”, as its name suggests, will teach you how you can manage the environment of your place of study and get the utmost benefits out of this. Other sessions like “Kickstart A Study Session”, “Understand Very Quickly” and “Long-term Memory: The Secret” will teach and prepare your mind to work with full attention in quick and organized ways so that you can send every bit of information you receive while studying to your long-term memory. You’ll also learn to make notes for good understanding and incredible retention. Sessions like “Some Important Points” as well as “MCQ Success Mantra” will also make you familiar with many other things like managing breaks between study sessions, a right approach of preparation, learning to recall memorized things easily, etc. There is a plethora of quizzes at the end of every lesson to promote deep interest in you to study more and more. This course is really the ocean in a pot for those who want to learn how to study well.






Krishan Chahal

While many only know him as the Memory King, Krishan Chahal has a lot of feathers in his cap. Krishan Chahal has written over 6 books on accelerated learning and was awarded with the Best Citizen Honor by Dainik Jagran and the Karandeep Award by HIFA. Krishan’s works have been featured in various leading newspapers and publications and he has also been featured on various national and international radio talk shows. He was also an esteemed speaker in the Davidson Academy in Nevada, USA.

Krishan recalled the value of pi up to 43,000 decimal points in 5 hours and 21 minutes and set a world record in the field of memory. He has four memory records which are acknowledged by The Guinness Book of World Records, the Limca Book of Records, Record Holders Republic, Open Record Book and Pi World Ranking. No stranger to love from his readers- he has been to several countries like the US, UAE, Malaysia etc. to talk about his work. Above all, Krishan believes that he must share his unique techniques with the world to make learning a better experience for everyone.

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Introduction Of The Course
Environment For Study

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