How To Retain For Long Time

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Perhaps nothing can be more detrimental to any of us than forgetting things sometime after we learn or memorize.

Yes, memorizing things is often considered to be the most tedious and daunting task but, in reality, retaining those memorized things for longer is even more tedious and daunting. Almost everyone more or less fall short of the expectation in this regard. However, if you plan and execute your studies in the right ways, you can be able to retain every bit of needful information that you need to. There are some certain methods and techniques by applying which in your work or studies you can reap the maximum reward.

Keeping this milestone in mind, The Memory King, Mr Chahal has created this online course named “HOW TO RETAIN FOR LONG TIME”. As the name suggests, the programme uses different methods and techniques that will help you retain the things that you memorize by your hard work and dedication.

In the first section, you’ll be taught the right method of making perfect notes which will enable you to understand things in a systematic order which eventually retains in your long-term memory. In the second section, you will know, in detail, the “Forgetting Curve” which denotes the hypothetical decline of memory retention with the passage of time and how you can align your studies and revision on the basis of that Forgetting Curve to best utilize your time and resources and enjoy the utmost benefit. You’ll also learn the skills to avoid over learning and repeating the task to save on time. This will also help you turning complex concepts into simple ones.

Generally, inefficient management of breaks also costs you a fortune in terms of productivity. So, by practicing this course, you’ll also be able to keep a check on the lost productivity. Quizzes are also incorporated into the chapters to induce the interest in you to learn more and explore more.





Krishan Chahal

While many only know him as the Memory King, Krishan Chahal has a lot of feathers in his cap. Krishan Chahal has written over 6 books on accelerated learning and was awarded with the Best Citizen Honor by Dainik Jagran and the Karandeep Award by HIFA. Krishan’s works have been featured in various leading newspapers and publications and he has also been featured on various national and international radio talk shows. He was also an esteemed speaker in the Davidson Academy in Nevada, USA.

Krishan recalled the value of pi up to 43,000 decimal points in 5 hours and 21 minutes and set a world record in the field of memory. He has four memory records which are acknowledged by The Guinness Book of World Records, the Limca Book of Records, Record Holders Republic, Open Record Book and Pi World Ranking. No stranger to love from his readers- he has been to several countries like the US, UAE, Malaysia etc. to talk about his work. Above all, Krishan believes that he must share his unique techniques with the world to make learning a better experience for everyone.

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